Film Nights


Our film night this Saturday 21st March is cancelled but...
I'm sure it will come as no surprise that this Saturdays film night has been cancelled due to the Covid19 pandemic. We are following government advice on this but more importantly want you all to keep safe and couldn't risk us gathering together.

On a brighter note, especially for those who are disappointed at not seeing the film, I include an article about the film as well as a link where you can watch it online.

A coupe of years ago I visited some of the film locations for "A Canterbury Tale' with the 1940s Society and the Powell & Prescott Appreciation Society and  published a short article about the film and the trip. I include it HERE and hope you will enjoy reading some of this background information before watching the film.  I have found 'A Canterbury Tale' available on YouTube so you can watch it now. The quality isn't as good as you would get from a DVD but I hope you enjoy it. Click HERE to watch the film. If you enjoy it or don't enjoy it send us an email with your thoughts and I will send out an update in a week or so with peoples comments - We hope you enjoy the film.

The Sheep Street Events Team